About Us

Iraq Al-Amir was established by Noor Al-Hussein Foundation (NHF) in 1993, in the ottoman part of Iraq Al-Amir. Rich in historical sites dating back to the hellenistic era, the region is also famous for its many springs which turned the valley into a green garden that has become an important tourist attraction.

Iraq Al-Amir Women Cooperative Society has provided training projects for more than (150) women from all villages of Wadi Seer on various handicrafts and it is managed and run by women and ladies who are members of the Society which created many job opportunities for women of all ages.

The Handicrafts Village which is considered a major part of the Society was established in 2001 for the purpose of conserving the region’s environment and preserving its unique architectural heritage. It also helps developing crafty skills to the local women and girls, and gives them a better chance to finding a job and contributing to their society.

The Handicraft Village produces many different products through the different workshops it has:

  • Hand-Made Fabric Workshop:

Using manual looms, fabric is produced in a variety of colors and sizes using various types of threads; including wool, cotton, polyester and silk. The produced fabric is used for curtains, upholstery, bed sheets, hand bags, embroideries, folk dresses, shawls, and to meet any other special orders.

Hand-Made Fabric Workshop

  • Clear Soap Workshop:

In this workshop, clear soap is produced both in its natural color and a variety of other colors; using natural dye. Soap is produced in traditional methods using high quality olive oil in distinctive custom-made shapes and colors for personal use and decorative purposes.


  • Ceramic and Pottery Workshop:

The workshop is equipped with state-of-the art equipment and produces pottery using several methods; including potter’s wheels, hand building and molds. Different items are made both for personal use and decoration and special orders are met by developing special designs that reflect local environment. The workshop has two production lines: the antique line, producing items similar to antiquities found in Jordanian museums, and glassware for household use; such as tableware and promotional items, as well as printed logos and drawings.

  • Chemicals Free Hand-Made Paper Workshop:

This workshop aims at conserving the environment by manually processing waste of pampas grass, okra, roses, banana, palm trees and wild plants and grass through turning it into paper of different sizes, colors and textures, depending on the plant. Produced paper is then used for painting and making cards, bags, stationary, photo albums, wall pictures, frames, and many other designs, as well as meeting special orders.

  • Showroom:

With its design that was inspired by the region’s history, the showroom was built to display Society’s products. Visitors can enjoy viewing and shopping all products of high quality hand-made textile, pottery, natural landscape engraved on natural paper made from plants, in addition to clean soap, rugs, accessories and more.

  • Tourist Center:

Located within Iraq Al-Amir village, the Tourist Center was established in 2008 in order to encourage visitors and tourists to visit Iraq Al-Amir’s palace and caves and enjoy the area’s spectacular evergreen landscape and running streams.

  • Iraq Al-Amir Knowledge Station:

The Society is also home to a Jordanian knowledge station called Iraq Al-Amir Knowledge Station which provides the community with services including printing, photocopying and internet access, as well as computer courses such as ICDL, comprehensive computer course and typing courses; in addition to Iraq Al-Amir Woman Society’s services.